Erotic Asian Massage

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Arjo calls his masseur for erotic Asian massage home service. Arjo’s masseur, a chinese-filipino twink named Chi arrives in due time. The erotic Asian massage begins with Chi inviting his Pinoy twink client to strip down and lay on the massage table. He begins a relaxing shoulder rub and works his way down to that cute bubble butt that he just can’t seem to take his eyes off of.

Chi has taken a liking to Arjo’s cute bubble butt. Chi slaps and squeezes his firm buns for a while. The erotic Asian massage is just as erotic for Chi as it is for Arjo! Then when Arjo turns face up, Chi is taken in by Arjo’s endowment. WOW, what a huge cock! Needless to say, Chi has taking quite a liking to Arjo’s big Pinoy cock as well. He gives a cock massage, then sucks that 10 inch cock all the way down, gagging a couple times. Chi takes that big boy all the way in his ass, nearly gagging again! Arjo pounds away at Chi for a good long time. When Arjo has fucked his masseur to the point of exhaustion, he strokes out his thick oozing cum.

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Erotic Asian Massage getting horny with Pinoy twink.

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