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Japanese Kabuki Dancers in old Japan were typically male woman of the streets, that serviced mixed male and lady clients. Even today, the majority of Kabuki actors are gay Japanese boys. A Kabuki male courtesan (Toraemon) is dancing for his Japanese boy consumer, Kago, clothed simply in a Japanese fundoshi (loincloth) just before being sexually seduced.

The Japanese gay boy is carrying out the old and conventional ‘Kabuki Dancing’ for Kago. And now it is time for Toraemon to do an act of loyalty by paying homage to his Lord. He hops on his knees to provide Kago’s cock a strike work. Yet Kago needs more than foreplay to cum to orgasm.

Both gay Japanese boys are on the bed and our attractive Japanese twink bottom Toraemon prepares to take Lord Kago’s cock. The erotic Kabuki Dancing continues, in the form of gay Asian sex. The 2 lovely Japanese boys blow up in wonderful orgasms along with each other. A truly impressive video clip!

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