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Seems Asian gay boys are very possessive of their lovers. Gay Asian boyfriends can get very jealous. Just the sight of them even talking with another guy will get the jealous rage building up. And this is what happened between Andrew and Vahn. The two angry gay boys enter the room yelling.

The two gay Asian boyfriends are in the middleTwo gay Asian boyfriends are in a bitter argument before having bareback sex. of a bitter argument. Then things turn physical. Andrew shoves his gay Asian boyfriend onto the bed in a jealous rage. Vahn is trying his best to calm his boyfriend down. Andrew sits down on the bed and puts his head in his hands. Vahn take the opportunity to console him by putting his arms around him. “I swear I didn’t do anything.” Vahn says calmly.

Vahn continues to try to console his gay Asian lover boy. He starts kissing his neck and promises to never talk to another guy again. Andrew begins to get horny and wants to take his frustrations out by fucking him hard. Andrew has a big dick for an Asian boy, so he knows he can really drill his ass hard as a punishment.

The two gay Asian boyfriends start kissing and making out on the bed. The clothes get stripped off one by one without breaking up the oral sex. Vahn gives Andrew a blow job making his huge Asian Bareback Asian gay sexcock nice and stiff. Then Vahn treats him to some ass rimming. By this time, Andrew is fully boned up and ready for some gay bareback fucking. He lays down and tells Vahn to mount his huge stiff cock and ride it.

Vahn slides up and down on Andrew’s big dick, then Andrew begins an upward jackhammer on his Asian boy hole. Vahn winces in pain as Andrew pounds his ass hard and fast. The gay Asian boy sex is at full speed. Then the two Asian gay boys stand up and Andrew bends Vahn over the bed and bareback fucking takes a new twist. The two horny Asian twinks fuck like mad until the cum shots fly.


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